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Deutscher Tai Chi Bund - Dachverband für Tai Chi und Qigong e. V. gegr. 1996

Zentralverband von Fachverbänden bietet Ausbildung und Kassen-Zertifizierung (alle Berufe)

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Qigong Germany/ Tai Chi Germany / Taiji Germany/ Taijiquan Germany

Umbrella Organisation of Leading Instructors (founded 1988 in Hamburg Germany)

Tai Chi Taijiquan Qigong German Schools Quality Guidelines Standards Guidelines Guarantee

Meeting Certified Teachers Germany

Inner Martial Arts from China: Union of institutes, schools, teachers and styles offer Guidelines for quality and Service. Contact: Dr. Stephan Langhoff Management Germany: info@tai-chi-zentrum.de


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Emotional Fitness
Physical Fitness

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